Clifford Andrew Petersen

9 Dec 1905 - 5 Nov 1917

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Clifford Andrew Petersen

9 Dec 1905 - 5 Nov 1917
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RAYMOND O. PETERSEN 1907 - 1970 Son of Andrew and Nellie Katie Olsen Petersen Updated 21Apr2017 by Eileen I have most of the 'Who is this?' column updated and linked to family tree. Ray's Early Years Raymond Orlinzo Petersen was born December 20, 1907, in Garland, Box Elder, Utah, the son of Andrew
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Life Information

Clifford Andrew Petersen


Snowville Cemetery

29200 W Rd
Snowville, Box Elder, Utah
United States

Headstone Description

Irene Kate born at Stone Idaho, Died at Stone, Idaho Clifford Andrew born at Garland, Utah, Died at Stone, Idaho Children of Andrew P. & N. Katie Olsen Petersen


September 18, 2013


August 30, 2013

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Raymond "Ray" O. Petersen - 1907-1970

Colaborador: BarbaraLeishman Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

RAYMOND O. PETERSEN 1907 - 1970 Son of Andrew and Nellie Katie Olsen Petersen Updated 21Apr2017 by Eileen I have most of the "Who is this?" column updated and linked to family tree. Ray's Early Years Raymond Orlinzo Petersen was born December 20, 1907, in Garland, Box Elder, Utah, the son of Andrew Peter and Nellie Katie Olsen Petersen. (We use his middle name for accuracy sake, at the expense of Ray's feelings, knowing he did not like that middle name.) Here is a photo of Ray as a baby, with his brother Cliff, age 3, in 1908. It’s not very clear – but it’s all we’ve got. It’s just good that they took a photo at the turn of the 20th Century! At age 3, in 1910 Ray moved with his family to Stone, Idaho, which is just north of the Utah/Idaho border at Snowville, Utah. His father was called as Bishop of the ward there and his mother was the primary president. Here is a photo we have of Ray at age 6. It is the photo of the first N.A. Petersen Family Reunion in the summer of 1914. Niels A. was Ray’s grandfather, father of Andrew. It also contains a photo of his older brother Clifford and sister Irene who died three years later of typhoid fever. When Ray was somewhere between 8 and 10 years old, he and his father were going down Rattlesnake Pass after dark and the lights went out on their old car. They borrowed a lantern from a farmer to hang on the engine so no one would run into them because it was pitch black. Andrew had Ray walk behind so if he went over the side of the road in the dark, Ray would be alive to tell the tale of what happened. A year before the great influenza epidemic (speculated that it started in the army camps in Europe and was brought back to the United States by soldiers returning from World War I) typhoid swept through Stone, Idaho. Ray's 7 year old sister Irene died October 13, 1917, and his 12 year old brother, Clifford died three weeks later on November 5. This left 9 year old Ray the oldest living child in the family. Clifford and Irene are buried in the Snowville cemetery. Ray had gotten what was called the “walking typhoid fever,” in that he was not so sick that he had to go to bed. The two youngest, Hazel, 4, and Stan, 2, had been taken to stay at the neighbors during this siege of typhoid. When Ray was about 12 (1919) he was sent alone up to the dry farm at Stone with several head of horses to care for during the summer, coming home for Sundays only. He plowed, harrowed, planted, or whatever needed doing. He slept in a little shack and there was no one else around for miles. Ray Drives Cattle 125 Miles to Magic Valley In 1922 in his early teenage years the family moved from Stone, to Roseworth, south of Buhl, in an area of southern Idaho called Magic Valley. Ray drove the livestock and said he dozed a lot of the way while riding the horse following the cattle that week. It was 125 miles as the crow flies, but they weren't crows. Andrew at age 41, was moving his family to new farm ground to try to better their circumstances. Ray's Mom, Nellie Katie, age 38, rode in the wagon with Hazel 10, Stan 7, and baby Marie a year and a half old. They would go ahead in the wagons with all their belongings to where they would spend the night and wait for Ray to catch up with them each evening. [Note of possible correction here: Hazel wrote a different version in her life story. When we find it again, we will insert it here. It was something about an Uncle who had a car and drove the family in that.] Eighth Grade Education Ray, like other farmers' sons, during his young life could not attend school often because he was needed to help on the farm for spring planting and the fall harvest. About 1924 when Ray was 16, he was required to take the state exam to graduate from 8th grade. He rode his horse the 24 miles into Buhl where the exam was given. The Lily grade on the Snake River Canyon that divided the Roseworth area from Buhl was much deeper and rougher than the dangerous Niagara grade over by Twin Falls and Ray had to traverse down the steep gully and back up in the dark to get home that night. But he had his 8th grade diploma--a milestone in those days--and that's all the education he had the opportunity to obtain. See #2 footnote. (Later in his life he told his children they could go to school as long as they wanted. Walt remarked during his medical school days: "I think my dad began to wonder if I would ever be out of school.") From Roseworth they moved to Buhl where they lived for a short time. Ray's last two siblings were born in Buhl, Carl Bee on December 8, 1924, and Lucile, April 13, 1927. Shortly after Lucile's birth they moved 45 miles north and east to the small town of Wendell which was nicknamed "The Hub City of Magic Valley." Ray's Mother Dies in Burley Ray was 19 when they moved to Wendell in November1927. A year later when his mother was attending a Sunday School Regional meeting in Burley, 60 miles southeast of Wendell, she became ill and was taken to the hospital. They called from Burley and said they'd be bringing her home the next day. However, the sad news the next morning was that Nellie Katie had passed away at the age of 43, February 23, 1928. Jane's first memory of seeing Ray was at the Olsen's home out in the country where they had his mother’s viewing. This young man, barely 20 years old, with tears rolling down his cheeks, stood many hours at the head of his mother's casket. Ray's Father Marries Mary B. Carlson Three years later, Ray's dad married Mary Briggs Carlson whose husband had died in 1928. The family remembers Mary told Andrew: "I'm not a Nellie Katie--I want to have an equal say and I'm not going to be your servant." 'Mother Petersen' as they called Nellie Katie had been very mild mannered, and when Andrew 'Father Petersen' asked her to do something, she had hurried to do it. So Andrew was less harsh with Mary, and even with the kids after that. However, because of Ray's dad's sometimes stern manner prior to this, Ray had left home shortly after his mother's death and lived with other families, while he sought work wherever he could. Ray's Father Dies in Burley Andrew and Mary moved to Tremonton, Utah, after their marriage in 1931. With his five-at-home Petersen children and her nine Carlson children, 16 ate at their table each meal. Phyllis Petersen Bunn remembers, while they still lived in Wendell, their small cream-colored house south of the Wendell railroad tracks on the west side of the road by the canal. The house is gone now, but cottonwood trees that lined the road had given them cooling shade from the summer's heat in those days when air conditioning was unheard of in rural areas. Phyllis also remembers after her Grampa Andrew died, her widowed Grandmother Mary ironed, scrubbed and cleaned houses for others in dignity to provide for her family. When Phyllis took various jobs around Wendell, which included cleaning people's homes, to earn pocket money during her teenage years, she was comforted with the thought: "If my grandmother Mary, who had such fine-lady characteristics, cleaned people's homes, I can do it too!" In the spring of 1938, after visiting Ray and Jane in Wendell, and some of Mary’s kids in Gooding and beyond, when driving back to Utah, Andrew and Mary took a shortcut at Burley on a country road, and the driver's side of their car hit the edge of a flatbed trailer, causing the steering wheel to come off and the shaft rammed Andrew's chest. By the time Ray and Jane got to the Burley Cottage Hospital, he only lived another hour or two, passing away April 5, 1938, at age 57. Mary commented: "I guess the Lord thought I was beginning to love Andrew too much and only gave us seven years together." For a long time, Rosie Lund, Ray's niece (Rose Marie Larsen), had a hard time driving through or to Burley because both her grandparents, Andrew and Nellie Katie had died there at separate times, but neither had ever lived there. Ray Marries Jane Prescott (Jane Maria Prescott Petersen) After his Mom died, Ray had become good friends with Hebe Prescott. One weekend when Hebe's sister, Jane, was home from her bookkeeping job at Albion College, Hebe was going to drive her back but his car broke down, so he asked Ray if they could use his car. Hebe had Ray sit by Jane, and that's when Ray and Jane started going together. Jane recalls this car with fond memories: "It was about a 1926 grey Chevy with a cab where three could sit, then it had an outside rumble seat that could be pulled open." Ray married Jane Maria Prescott, June 18, 1931, in the Logan LDS Temple and Jane's one-year old daughter, Bonnie (1930-1990) was sealed to them. By 1939, three other children made their family complete--Phyllis Gay February 25, 1932 (1932-2014); Walter Ray April 17, 1934 (living--age 83 in 2017); and Dale Clifford August 26, 1939 (living-age 78 in 2017). Photo 1940 Ray, age 32, with Jane’s Dad and three of her four brothers. Kids: Carol*, Walt, Phyllis, Bonnie, and Jimmy*. L-R: Tom, Dean, Byrum, Heber. Back row: Jane holding Dale, Ray. *Dean’s children. These were the depression years and they felt they were the lucky ones in that Ray had a job driving truck for Frank Rost, hauling hay and gravel for $5.00 a week. In those first years of marriage, they went to the store once a month to get the bare necessities. Their special treat was to get a few bananas, two would go in Jello salad for Sunday dinner, and then they could each have one apiece to just eat. To feed this growing family, Jane had the goal of canning 500 quarts of fruits and vegetables during harvest season. Ray told Jane: "I will do all the gardening because you work so hard in the house to preserve all the food we raise." Before the frost was on the pumpkin the beautiful Mason and Kerr home-canning jars of apricots, peaches, pears, apples, green beans, peas, corn, beets, pickles, jams and jellies filled the cellar shelves. Many potatoes and about 20 bushels of fresh apples were also stored there for the long cold months ahead. Phyllis' Memories as a Young Daughter of Ray Petersen "For Christmas we hung up our heavy long brown cotton socks that the girls wore in winter to keep their legs warm with their school dresses. Santa left a fresh orange in the toe with peanuts, and sometimes--if we were really lucky--there would be a silver dollar. Bonnie, Walt and Dale share many of these memories also. "At the little house just two blocks east of main street--248 East Avenue A--(the center part with the front door was all we had then) had a big open shed--like a bowery--behind it where Daddy stored the threshing machines. What excitement there was when they were pulled out, the belts put on and their engines started. Harvest was a BIG time. Throughout the spring and summer we kids had played hide 'n seek around these big scary machines, but with all the motion and noise when they were doing their jobs, they seemed alive and even more fearsome. As summer faded into fall it was time for the butchering of the calf and the pig to have beef and pork through the winter. The pig would squeal and then blood would be spurting out all over. Phyllis didn't like to see and hear that so she didn't stay too long out back. "The end of summer signaled a temporary end to the small-Idaho-town childhood delights of playing with water skippers and floating leaves on board boats while daily cooling off in the irrigation ditches in front of the house. When you were one of the "big kids" you got to swim, and even be baptized, in the canal. The Foote canal, behind the slaughter house at the southeast edge of Wendell, is where Phyllis was baptized June 4, 1932. Other fun summer hours were spent playing ann-e-i-over, kick the can, hide n' seek, and 'No bears out tonight. Kids call them “Night Games” now. "During the autumn rains it took 7-8 buckets to catch the leaks from the roof of the kitchen that had been built on to the back of the little house. Daddy made dozens of trips with the team of horses to get sagebrush for fuel to burn in the cook stove and potbelly stove during the chilly days ahead. It was piled high out back till it looked like a haystack. Our milk and cream that we churned into butter came from our cow that Daddy milked morning and night. Tubs outside were covered with wet gunny sacks to keep the milk cool enough to not go sour. "Even with all the loads of sagebrush, there wasn't enough to heat the bedrooms, but we slept warm with flannel sheets and many quilts piled on the beds. By morning there would be frost on the edge of the top quilt where our breath had frozen. The windows would be solid frost. Because it was too cold to go to the outhouse during the night, chamber pots were kept under our beds for that purpose. Saturday night was our weekly bath time in the round galvanized No. 10 tub, and except for a little hot water added from the woodstove's reservoir for each person, we all used the same water. We wore the same clothes most of the week, and it was several years before a Maytag washer could be purchased from Hebe's dealership to ease the wash-day scrub board drudgery. Scrub Board Washing Was Sparkling White on Line "Before running water, on washdays the water was carried into the house to fill the tubs and the wash boiler which was put on the stove. The hot water was then dipped into a tub and the clothes were scrubbed on the washboard. They were boiled, rinsed, blued and wrung out by hand. It was hard work but that was the way everyone did their washing. By the time the clothes were hung on the line they were clean and sparkling white. Then came a washing machine which had wheels on the side and run by a belt attached to a gasoline engine. When the electric washing machines, such as Maytag, were available, it was marvelous. It also took much hard work to iron the wrinkles out after the clothes had been dampened, rolled and put into bushel baskets." --Ella M. Huffaker As our ancestors look at us with automatic washers, dryers, and no iron fabrics, do they think we use our "free time" in worthwhile pursuits, like making sure their temple ordinances are done? "The electricity went off a lot, so quite often on winter evenings after our homework and chores were finished, we'd play checkers, Chinese checkers, rummy or Old Maid by candlelight, as Mom would peel and quarter apples brought out from the cellar. Later on when they finally got a radio, they would listen to "Fibber Magee & Molly," or "Ma Perkins" sponsored by Oxidol. Another favorite snack was homemade bread with home-churned butter, peaches and milk. Jane didn't have separate loaf pans yet so she shaped six loaves from her dough and baked them in a big dripper. For $1.00 a month the entire family could attend weekly movies at the LDS church house.* In 1939 was "Gone With the Wind," and "The Wizard of Oz," and in the 40's were many war movies, with stars like Ronald Reagan, John Wayne and Bing Crosby. How did they get their news? Well, besides radio, they watched the weekly news reels before the weekly movie started. The most exciting news reel ever to come to Wendell was when it showed Tess Prescott (Jane's sister) leading the first group of Waves landing in Hawaii during World War II. They showed that newsreel again after the end of the movie that night. Phyllis was afraid of heights, but when she became one of the "big" kids she had to climb the stairway up to the balcony in the Odeon* to sit with her friends. She also had to conquer her vertigo to climb to the second-story 4th-5th and 6th grade classrooms at the Wendell Grade School. "Outdoor fun in the winter consisted of sledding, building snow forts, playing fox and geese, making snow angels and ice skating. And during the 1948-49 winter these pastimes were enjoyed in abundance when school was out so much because of the record-breaking snowfall. "Phyllis says: 'Daddy's first love was farming, even though he had many different jobs in his lifetime. Whenever we drove in the country he had great joy in seeing the crops growing or being harvested. He also truly loved his carpentry work.' " * Mini-history of the LDS Church building in Wendell "In 1927 when Ray's family moved to Wendell the few Mormons there had rented the Odeon to hold services for their LDS Branch. The first Sacrament Meeting had been in Samuel Bleak's home in February 1917. Henry Gold, a blacksmith, and his family had been the first Mormons in Wendell. The Odeon was the largest building in town which was a recreation center run by "Daddy Stanton." He had planted a small park on the west side of the building where many outdoor parties and picnics were held. About a year after renting this building, the members purchased the Odeon, financing it through the income from "silent movies" shown there on Friday and Saturday nights. In 1927 the first "talkie" movie starring Al Jolson in 'The Jazz Singer' came to the silver screen, and from then on Wendell had movies with sound where many came for family entertainment." --Wendell Ward History Records Ray Moves His Family to Where His Jobs Take Him Since the Depression caused a scarcity of jobs for several years, Ray worked at various occupations to try to increase the income for his family. After driving truck, and running the threshing machines, in 1942, at the start of World War II, he moved his family to Hailey, 55 miles north of Wendell, where he got a job as a miner in the Triumph Silver Mine. When the silver gave out, they moved back to Wendell in 1943. Right after they returned to Wendell, Ray and Jane drove Vera Thomason, a good friend from Hailey, to see her husband, Bud, in Farragut, Idaho, near the Canadian border where he had just begun a job to build an inland navy base by Lake Pend Oreille during the war. Bud said to Ray: "Why don't you go to work here, we need more carpenters." Ray replied: "I have no tools and I don't know carpentry." Bud reassuring countered with: "I've got the tools. I'll make the arrangements for you." He took him in and Ray got a job. It was there, about 500 miles from home for a year, that Ray, at age 35, learned the carpentry trade from Bud. World War II ends in 1945 However, the naval base was completed in a couple of years and the war ended soon after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, August 6 and 9, 1945. The formal surrender with Japan was signed September 2, 1945. The formal surrender with Germany had been four months earlier--May 7, 1945. Ray returned to his family in Wendell and got a brakeman job with the railroad which necessitated moving his family to Pocatello, 130 miles east of Wendell. Bonnie started her freshman year at Pocatello High School; Phyllis was a 7th grader just beginning Jr. High, Walt was in 5th grade at Lincoln Elementary, and Dale was 5 years old. They didn’t have public Kindergarten in Idaho until 1975. In 1946 they moved back to Wendell where Ray farmed for Court West for two years before starting his solo carpentry business. Jane's parents, Byrum (Bide) and Maria (Rie) Prescott gave them a building lot across the alley and a little west of their house on the same block, for which Ray and Jane paid the $400 estate probate cost. Ray built a basement as the first phase of a new home for them. Until the basement was finished enough for them to move in, Jane and Ray, Bonnie, Phyllis, Walt and Dale lived with Bide and Rie. Bonnie married Mutt Smith in 1947 and moved to Hagerman. Ray and Jane became grandparents right after the Christmas of 1948 when Bonnie Ann Smith, was born on December 28th. Phyllis graduated in 1950 just before Ray had the house above the basement finished. Walt got to live in the new house two years before he graduated in 1952, and Dale was in fifth grade when they moved out of the basement that had been their home four years. Phyllis married Dale Bunn, July 30, 1950, the summer she graduated from high school and they moved to Kansas where Dale was stationed in the Air Force where they lived four years. Walt went to the University of Idaho, majoring in civil engineering. He played on the U of I freshman basketball team. The coach at Boise Jr. College recruited Walt to come play for him in 1953-54. The rule for going on missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was “20” in those days. Walt was called to the Uruguay-Paraguay Mission, for 2 ½ years—August 1954 to March 1957. Ray and Jane were only able to afford to buy older cars. The newest car they ever got was in 1956 or 1957 when they bought a 1955 Chevrolet. Jane and Phyllis are in the driveway of Ray and Jane’s home standing by this ’55 Chevy. Phyllis is expecting her third child, Mitchell William Bunn who was born 7 Sept. 1958. Walt was on his mission, but Dale was a senior in high school and enjoyed being able to drive it on a date once in a while. Dale also went to the University of Idaho, majoring in civil engineering, from 1957 to 1959. At age 20 he was called to the Argentina Mission for 2 ½ years, August 1959 to March 1962. All this time, Ray and Jane were working to support their sons to go to college and serve their missions. When Walt returned from his mission in Uruguay in March 1957 he immediately enrolled at Brigham Young University because they were on quarters and he could get right in. At that time, if young men this age were not in college, they could be drafted into the Korean War. The next year, Walt transferred back to the University of Idaho because it would have taken him a year longer to get an engineering degree at BYU. However, during the start of his third year of college, he changed his major to pre-med, graduating from the U of I in June 1959, and was accepted at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Through the years, this medical school ranks No. 3 in the nation. The ranking of #1 and #2 for medical schools in the United States goes back and forth between Johns Hopkins and Harvard. At age 27, following his second year of medical school, Walt married a Wendell girl, Eileen Albertson, on June 14, 1961, in the Salt Lake Temple. It was hard for him not to have his brother Dale at his wedding. Back to the 1950s… to round out Ray’s building pursuits: About the same time Ray had finished the new home in 1950, Bud Thomason—who had gotten him started in carpentry work when he helped Ray get a job at the new Navy Yard in Northern Idaho--had moved to Wendell from Hailey. Bud and Ray started a carpentry partnership with the slogan: "BUD AND RAY WILL BUILD IT YOUR WAY." Over the next twenty years, Ray was a sought-after carpenter and did extremely fine work. Phyllis remembers seeing her Dad at the end of a summer day come home with his grey twill work shirt and pants drenched through with sweat from the grueling heat. Walt and Dale could not figure out how there always happened to be forms to pour concrete into when college classes ended for the summer and they came home to work for and with their Dad. In 1965 Ray was hired as the Building Supervisor for the new Wendell Ward. The beautiful red brick LDS church that stands at the north end of Wendell's city limits is a tribute to his craftsmanship in building. His carpentry work can also be seen in the Wendell Methodist parsonage, Brailsford's two homes: one at Clear Lakes and one in Hagerman; remodeling the Sand Springs Ranch home; and his own home at 248 East Avenue A in Wendell. Jane commented: "When I know he just had an 8th grade education, and see the reputation he obtained with his carpentry ability, it is a tribute to his willingness to learn in the school of hard knocks and to his integrity in working so hard...” When the state inspector came to check our house he said: "I have never, in all my inspections, seen the fine workmanship that I see in this house that Ray Petersen built." Jane adds: "That's the way Ray built all the houses, barns, or office buildings he was contracted to build." Ray's Hunting Trip Twelve pages of incidences from Ray's life have been found, the writer of which is unknown at this time. One of the stories is about Ray and hunting. "You may not think Ray has ever been a sportsman. But he has! He went deer hunting with Em Powell and Dean Prescott up on Morgan Creek [by Challis]. When night came Em made the bed, and Ray got in the middle and soon discovered just how much taller he was than Em and Dean. The bed fit fine from his shoulders to his knees. But from his knees on down he couldn't get all of himself into that bed between Dean and Em. Finally when he started to get out of bed Dean wanted to know what he was going to do--after all, it was the middle of the night. Ray answered: 'I'm going to get up and rest.' He spent the rest of the night sitting by the fire. "They had sandwiches made for lunch and one got dropped in the gravel--fine, small round gravel that got all over inside the sandwich. Dean didn't want to waste it, so he picked it up and put it back together. When Ray asked for a sandwich, Dean made sure Ray got the dropped one. According to Dean: 'I've only seen Ray mad once and that was when he bit into that sandwich and his teeth were jarred by all that gravel.' "Coming home they ran head on into another vehicle. I'm not sure who was driving, but with the kind of luck Ray had already had, he was probably the driver. It broke the wind shield and bent the tie rod so they could only turn one direction going the rest of the way home. They had to really maneuver to get enough room to get the car around the opposite direction. "Oh, by the way, the hunt was successful in that they got a deer with a fine rack of horns but his body had forgotten to grow. Dean said: 'It was lousy!' They invited eight people in and roasted the roasts, fried the venison steaks, bar-b-qued the ribs and ate the whole deer in one meal. "As far as is known, this was Ray's first and last hunting trip. I can't imagine why!" The Bloody Dozen "For many years there was a group in Wendell known as the 'Bloody Dozen.' Why, I don't know because there were more than a dozen of us who went together to donate blood when the blood bank came to town. Well, Ray has always been rather conservative, but not in giving blood. However, one time his pint would only fill half way and no more blood would come out. For a long time after that he was referred to by the group as 'Half-pint Petersen’. " Ray Serves As Counselor to Two Bishops Ray was called to be a counselor to Bishop Melvin Allred in May 1958 serving faithfully for four years. In February 1962 when Murk Lancaster was interviewed to be the bishop to follow Bishop Allred, he said he would do it if he could have Ray Petersen for his counselor, so Ray served several more years as a counselor to Bishop Lancaster. Here is another story shared by the mystery writer: "When Ray went into the Bishopric he was cautioned--as are all men in this position--to be tight mouthed, and not to discuss Bishopric business with his wife or anyone. So along comes a big Ward doings. Everyone in the ward gets a special letter of invitation. Everyone but the members of the bishopric because, of course, they knew all about it and wouldn't forget. The afternoon before the big event, someone casually mentions to Jane: 'Well, we'll see you tomorrow night.' 'Tomorrow night? What's tomorrow night?' asks Jane. 'Didn't you know about......' Was Ray ever in the dog house!" Ray Has a Heart Attack Ray had a heart attack in the late 1960s and spent some recuperation time at Walt and Eileen’s home in Burley. I wish I had taken time when he was in our home to interview him in depth about his life, his dreams, his happinesses and sadnesses. We saw that he got the right food to eat and things to help him while he was in bed recuperating, but I should have let the dusting and cleaning go, and just sat down at his bedside more. That was a big mistake on my part. We are thankful to have what information we do to put this life sketch together. Dale has some more photos that we hope to add for the updates for next Christmas. At least you know your “Grampa Ray” better now. Characteristics That Jane Cherishes About Ray "The foremost characteristic about Ray that I cherish is his kindness. No matter how angry I was or what I said, he never responded back with anger--he had a smooth temper and was never disrespectful to me. I've often thought about Ray's gentle manner with our children. When I was upset with our kids I would give them a shake lots of times. When he'd go to correct them, he'd just talk to them and would never show any harshness. Sometimes I thought he should be a little more forceful with them, but he never was. "He was never mad at anyone [except as cited in that hunting story] and treated everyone with love and kindness. He never did talk unkindly about anyone. "Ray has always been kind of quiet and not boastful. However, one time when their children were small and he was watching them do something he said: 'How come other people think their kids are smart when we know our kids are the smartest.' This has come to be a family saying." Jane used to get up several times during the night to be sure her little kids were covered up. One night she had been up twice and when she woke up the third time she was too tired to get up and check them, but was anxious to know if they were covered up. She woke Ray up and asked him to go see if the kids were covered up. Ray said: "Oh, just let them cool off a little." Jane shot out of bed and found them all warmly covered. Ray Dies On His Way Home From Work Ray and Jane were shopping for a used car, so Farren Chandler had driven one out to the country northwest of Wendell for Ray to drive back in from work to try out. Jane was with him, and as they were almost to town, the car started swerving left. Jane said: "Ray, you're going off the road." As she looked at him slumped over the steering wheel, she could tell he was gone, at age 62, without a chance of any word of warning. The car ran into a fence, Jane was partially thrown out, knocked unconscious and sustained a broken arm in the accident that crisp February 17, 1970, evening. Jane was taken to the Jerome Hospital. Ray Tells Jane: "I'll Come Back and Get You" Jane was 59 years old when Ray had died at age 62 in 1970. After being a widow for three years she married Laurence Hashman on February 10, 1973. Almost twenty years later, January 1992, Jane, age 81, was very ill, in fact she says: "I was so sick I wished I would just die. I have never felt that way before, but I felt so washed out with this horrible case of flu. I usually don't remember my dreams, but during this illness I dreamed I was at the bottom of a hill pulling weeds out of a flower bed. I saw Ray standing on the hill a foot or two above the ground. He didn't 'talk' but communicated with me through thoughts, conveying 'I can't take you with me now because you have too much genealogy yet to do that you need to get done.' " Jane continues: "I kept picking flowers, and then Ray added: 'But I'll come back and get you when it's all done.' I looked up and he was gone." Jane still feels now, at age 84, that she wants to get all the work she can do on the Petersen, Prescott, Hashman, Smith, and her other family lines. She had done thousands of Hashman names that she found in a published Hashman book and put on her computer Personal Ancestry File. She has now started on the Prescotts and Petersens. Ray Lived Through An Interesting 20th Century Ray entered this world in the kerosene lamp era and 62 years later left during the space age, seven months after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for the first time, as he said: "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind." July 20, 1969 He experienced the expansion of communication from telegraph and telephone to the coming of radio, silent-to-sound movies, and television. Ray travelled by horse, buggy, train, car, and plane. Ray was born only four years after the Wright brothers—Orville and Wilbur-- made their first historic airplane flight in 1903. He lived under the guidance of five LDS Prophets--Presidents Joseph F. Smith, Heber J. Grant, George Albert Smith, David O. McKay and Joseph Fielding Smith. Leading the United States during his lifetime were Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard M. Nixon. After he was old enough to vote, he said he voted Republican all the way. He lived through two major World Wars, the Korean War, plus many rumors of wars. What Think We of Raymond O. Petersen? In summary, we think Ray Petersen lived through many hard times and came through his life with flying colors. He overcame difficult periods of losing his mother at a young age, being raised by a strict father and some other trying events, but he triumphed. At his funeral, as Dale Bunn looked back and saw the chapel and cultural hall filled, he said: "You'd have thought Ray Petersen was the governor or something with all the people that have come to pay their respects to him." We hope our husband, Daddy, and Grampa Ray can hear us all say to him: "WE LOVE YOU!" --This story is lovingly compiled by his daughter-in-law, Eileen Albertson Petersen, with input from Jane, Phyllis, Walt, and Dale, and submitted for this Petersen-Jensen Family Book, March 30, 1995 TIME LINE OF RAY'S LIFE 1900's Since Ray was born at the end of December, his age is given as how old he was each year until 11 days before the year's end.* 1907 Born Dec. 20, Garland, Utah Prophet, President Joseph F. Smith USA President Theodore Roosevelt Hershey Kisses were first made this year 1909 - *Age 1 - USA President William H. Taft 1910's 1910 - Age 2 - Moved to Stone, Idaho 1913 - Age 5 - USA President Woodrow Wilson 1914 - Age 6 - Panama Canal finished 1916 - Age 8 - Baptized 1917 - Age 9 - World War I 1918 - Age 10 - Prophet, President Heber J. Grant 1920's 1920 - Age 12 - Stayed alone at dry farm in summer 1921 - Age 13 - USA President Warren G. Harding 1923 - Age 15 - Moved to Roseworth, Idaho; USA President Calvin Coolidge 1924 - Age 16 - Took State Exam to receive 8th Grade Diploma 1925 - Age 17 - Moved to Buhl 1927 - Age 19 - Moved to Wendell 1928 - Age 20 – Mother, Nellie Katie Olsen Petersen, dies 1929 - Age 21 - USA President Herbert Hoover; the Great Depression begins 1930's 1931 - Age 23 - Marries Jane Prescott June 17; her one-year old daughter, “Bonnie” LaVon Jane, is sealed to them in Logan Temple. 1932 - Age 24 – Phyllis Gaye born February 25 1933 - Age 25 - USA President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1934 - Age 26 – Walter Ray born April 17 1935 - Age 27 - Social Security Act started 1938 - Age 30 – Father, Andrew Petersen, dies 1939 - Age 31 – Dale Clifford born August 26 1940's 1941 - Age 33 - World War II begins, Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor attacked by Japan 1942 - Age 34 - Moves to Hailey to work at Triumph Silver Mine 1943 - Age 35 - Moves back to Wendell; helps build Farragut Naval Base 1945 - Age 37 - Moves to Pocatello, brakeman on railroad; President George Albert Smith, Prophet; USA President Harry S. Truman, World War II ends 1946 - Age 38 - Moves back to Wendell 1947 - Age 39 - Bonnie marries Mutt Smith; builds basement for new home 1948 - Age 40 - Starts building new home; becomes grandfather, Dec. 28, 1948, just after turning age 41, when Bonnie Ann Smith born 1950's 1950 - Age 42 - Phyllis graduates from high school; Phyllis marries Dale Bunn; Ray, Jane, Walt and Dale move into their new home 1951 - Age 43 - Forms carpentry partnership with Bud Thomason; Prophet, President David O. McKay 1952 - Age 44 - Walt graduates from high school, attends University of Idaho 1953 - Age 45 - Walt attends Boise State USA President Dwight D. Eisenhower; Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture in the Cabinet 1954 - Age 46 - Walt leaves on mission to Uruguay-Paraguay 1955 - Age 47 - Ray working - supports Walt on mission 1956 - Age 48 - Ray working - supports Walt on mission 1957 - Age 49 - Dale graduates from high school, attends University of Idaho 1958 - Age 50 - Called as Counselor in Bishopric of Wendell Ward, to Bishop Melvin Allred 1959 - Age 51 - Dale leaves on Argentine mission; Walt begins Wash. U. Medical School St. Louis, Mo. 1960's 1961 - Age 53 - Walt marries Eileen Albertson; USA President John F. Kennedy 1962 - Age 54 - Dale returns from mission, attends BYU; Called again as counselor in Bishopric, to Bishop Murlen “Murk” Lancaster; Hired as building supervisor for new Wendell Ward Chapel. 1963 - Age 55 - Walt receives M.D. degree; USA President Lyndon B. Johnson 1964 - Age 56 – Dale attending BYU, majoring in Engineering 1965 - Age 57 - Dale marries Vicki Saari in Oakland Temple 1966 - Age 58 - Gives father's blessing to Walt starting medical practice 1967 - Age 59 - Dale receives 5-year B.E.S. Engineering degree from BYU 1968 - Age 60 - Dale receives Master’s Degree in Engineering from BYU; Ray, first heart attack 1969 - Age 61 - USA President Richard M. Nixon; man walks on moon 1970's 1970 - Age 62 - Made High Priest Group Leader; Prophet, President Joseph Fielding Smith; Dies of heart attack, February 17 Descendants at time of death: 4 children 1970's 1970 - Age 62 - Made High Priest Group Leader; Prophet, President Joseph Fielding Smith; Dies of heart attack, February 17 Descendants at time of death: 4 children 20 grandchildren Descendants as of April 1, 1995: 4 children 29 grandchildren 24 great-grandchildren 1 great-great grandson EPILOGUE RAY WOULD BE HAPPY TO KNOW... 1970's 1970 - Walt served as Bishop of Burley 7th Ward, May 1970-March 1976 1971 - Phyllis began efforts for a swimming pool in Wendell 1980's 1981 - Phyllis' ten-year effort saw the Wendell McGinnis Park and Swimming Pool become a reality 1982 - Dale served as Bishop of American Fork Ward 1983 - Walt called as President of the Burley Idaho West Stake 1984 - Dale Project Engineer for steel-case of Shuttle-Solid rocket motors, Thiokol, Brigham City 1985 - Saddened by the death of Bonnie's son, Larry in plane crash April 28; Phyllis received an Associate of Arts degree from College of Southern Idaho 1987 - Phyllis received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boise State University Magna cum laude; and has taken several post-graduate courses 1990's 1990 - We were all saddened by the death of Bonnie, March 14 1993 - Dale and Vicki move to Las Vegas; Walt ordained a Patriarch 1995 - Walt called as a Mission President to Mexico Merida 1995 - As of this year, "Grampa Ray" has... ... 6 grandsons who are Eagle Scouts ... 7 grandchildren who have graduated from college ... 5 grandchildren who are currently attending college ...10 grandchildren who have served LDS missions (4 granddaughters, 6 grandsons) ... 7 grandchildren who have married in the temple WE HONOR OUR PETERSEN HERITAGE AND LEGACY! ~The heritage of a testimony of Jesus Christ and His Church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of the Prophet Joseph Smith who restored The Gospel of Jesus Christ, down to our current Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley and all those prophets to follow and the legacy of Brief Summary of Ray and Jane's Four Children as of 1995 Bonnie Petersen married Maurice Smith 18 May 1947, in Wendell and their four children are Bonnie Ann McCrorey, Alaska, who has two children Janet Sagers and Clark and a grandson, Danny. Her son, Larry Smith, was killed in a plane crash in Hagerman at age 33 on 28 April 1985, leaving a widow, Patty and two children, Jed and Jamie in Alaska. Brent is in Oregon; Jeff, Alaska. Bonnie was divorced from "Mutt" 17 Aug 1956, and on 25 May 1957, married Charles Degler and their four children are: Mark, in Alaska, who has a daughter, Danielle. Kevin and Jill Degler live in Palmer, Alaska. Christopher is in Boise with wife Kris, children Zach and Lindsey. Andrea married Roger Neth 22 Sep 1991 and they are also in Boise. Bonnie was influential in preserving the beautiful rose gardens at the old Boise prison yards. In 1989 she and Chuck divorced and Bonnie died 14 Mar 1990 in Boise at age 60 of colon cancer and is buried in Wendell. Phyllis Petersen graduated from Wendell High in 1950 and married Dale Allen Bunn 30 July 1950 in Portland, Oregon. In a ten-year effort, Phyllis worked ceaselessly from 1976-1986, in having the Wendell McGinnis Park and Swimming Pool become a reality from local donations--no government aid--at a total cost expenditure of $96,100 donated time, effort and labor at its completion July 1981. After working many years at various jobs, she graduated Magna cum laude from Boise State University, May 1987, and is planning to retire from being an elementary teacher at Wendell School in 1997. She has been active in scouting, all auxiliaries of the LDS church, and currently has been a primary president for several years. Most of their family has returned to Wendell after college and working elsewhere. Don and Jeanine Bunn, and children Dale, Chad, Donna Rae, Rhonda and Jacob; Don has the Farmer's Insurance Agency there and Jeanine just earned her college degree from ISU. Matt and Brenda, have three sons: Tyler (deceased); Justin and Cody. Matt, a University of Idaho graduate, is vice president at Farmer's National Bank and Brenda has been an elementary teacher but enjoys being a full-time mother now and decorating their home in the Wendell country. Mitch and Karen and children Jason, Becky, Beth and Luke, are busy building a new home themselves on the outskirts of the north Wendell city limits. Mitch is the owner/manager of Bunn's True Value Hardware Store and Karen, an R.N., is a supervising nurse at Magic Valley Regional Medical Center in Twin Falls. Cliff and Stephanie Bunn and son Cal live in Pocatello where they both attend Idaho State University, plus Cliff helps manage a ranch. Brenda, BSU graduate, teaches second grade at Gooding Elementary and her 6-year old Brittany will be in first grade at Wendell the fall of 1995. Beverly and Pat Inglis live in Boise and have a son Gabe. Pat is a busy attorney there and Bev attends Boise State University. Walt Petersen, at age 60, has just been called as a mission president to the Mexico Merida Mission (the Yucatan Peninsula) to serve June 27, 1995, to July 1, 1998. He leaves a busy medical practice in Burley, Idaho; was chosen the Idaho Family Physician of the Year in 1994 and businessman of the year in Burley in 1991. He has been a bishop, stake president, and currently a Spanish-speaking patriarch. His wife, Eileen who has been president of the Idaho Medical Association Auxiliary and recently taught gospel doctrine, is busy learning Spanish and packing! Janie married Shawn Fisher in the Salt Lake Temple and they now live in Champaign, Illinois, with Aimee, 7; Daniel, 4; and Katie, 1. Both BYU graduates, Shawn is with a publishing firm and just been called to the bishopric. Janie teaches early-morning seminary and they both head up Jr. Cotillions, with Shawn the national dance director for the National League of Jr. Cotillions. Janie teaches some etiquette classes at the U. of Illinois. They both toured with Ballroom Team while at BYU. Gary has a Master's degree in accounting and is with an accounting firm in Orem--Squire & Co. He has been ward and financial clerk several years. Steve has just moved from Washington D.C.--Elders Quorum president--to Boise, Idaho, where he is with ProTerra, Inc., a land development company. David married Julie Black on June 27, 1994, in Salt Lake Temple following their joint graduations from BYU--he summa cum laude as a Benson Scholar in Philosophy and she in Communications and then he entered Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Walt and Eileen now have a daughter-in-law Julie (feeling blessed and lucky to have her join the family), plus their daughter Julie. Daughter Julie is the president of the BYU Ballroom Tour Team, having performed with them throughout the U.S., plus China, Russia, Ukraine, and in May 1995 they competed at Blackpool, England plus Europe. She and her partner placed third in the nation last year at the U.S. Amateur Ballroom competition in Boston. She will receive her degree in elementary education in 1996, following a year of internship teaching in Provo. Brian, just back from his mission, is in his second year of pre-med at BYU and was recently engaged. Jen, a junior at BYU, has just been accepted into the Dietetics program there but is also awaiting a mission call--her papers having been sent in March 15, 1995. She will follow the missions of Janie--Argentina Rosario; Shawn--Honduras; Gary--Korea; Steve--Boston; David--California Ventura Spanish-speaking; and Brian--Argentina Resistencia, plus all four boys are Eagle Scouts. "We are very humbled by this current call, and have the possibility of five weddings of our children, that we do not leave the mission field for." Dale Petersen and wife Vicki, 28 years after their marriage in the Oakland Temple, moved to Las Vegas in 1993 where he is a designated engineer representative for the Federal Aviation Agency and facilities engineer with EG&G/Energy Measurements. Trisha, Class of '97, is active in volleyball, basketball and plays organ for their ward. Nathan, active in basketball, was recently chosen student of the month twice in his seventh grade classes. Their oldest daughter, Ruth, and Cliff Cole were married in the Logan Temple and they have just purchased a home in Bountiful. They are both graduates of Utah State University with engineering degrees and Ruth is with Novelle Corporation in Orem; Cliff with J.M. Williams & Associates Engineering Firm in Salt Lake. Ruth is a Young Women advisor and Cliff is in Young Men. Ruth, an accomplished pianist, served her mission to Peru Lima North; Cliff England, Manchester. Dale and Vicki's son, Cliff Petersen, has attended Utah State University and is currently establishing residency in Seattle to attend the University of Washington and is an Eagle Scout. He served a mission in Netherlands Amsterdam. Heather, a Utah Sterling Scholar music finalist, was featured as a piano soloist at a Utah State University assembly while a coed there. Following her return from a Scotland Edinburgh Mission, she married Nathan Lee in the Logan Temple and is employed at New World Travel in Brigham City. He attends Utah State University as an engineering major in addition to working full time; his mission was to Italy Rome. Ray is majoring in Psychology at the University of Utah and works in a Home for Autistic People in Salt Lake City; he is also an Eagle Scout. Dale, a 5-year civil engineering B.E.S. plus Master's Degree graduate of BYU, is a gospel doctrine teacher in their ward, and has been very active in scouting and instrumental in the achievement of many Eagle scouts. He was a Bishop in American Fork before moving to Brigham City where he worked at Thiokol with expertise in design and analysis and project engineering and was the project engineer for the steel case of the Shuttle-Solid rocket motors series STS-26 Discovery; STS-27 Atlantis; STS-28 Columbia; and for the STS-30 Atlantis Magellan Mission he was sent to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to evaluate the effects of the flight on the steel case. Vicki, also a BYU graduate in speech-drama and education, has been active in church, community and school, including PTA president, church auxiliaries, including primary president, early-morning seminary teacher in Las Vegas, and now is a new Relief Society president. Dale says: "We don't miss shoveling snow in the winter, but the hot summers are not relished. We do love to have visitors come to visit us here in Las Vegas." [Five years from this, Vicki died suddenly on August 12, 2000, of a heart attack. It was a shock to the whole family. We all miss her very much.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ December 2015 – I will leave these stories as of 1995 until I can get them updated in the future. We know a lot has happened in these past 20 years. Hopefully next year we can bring them up to the current year. I have been trying for about a year to update Ray’s number of great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Andrea Degler is always so good to send me information when I ask for it. The others are like me – slow to get things done. Eileen Albertson Petersen – December 2015 TIME LINE OF RAY'S POSTERITY TO BE UPDATED (Hopefully by next Christmas of 2017…) 1990's 1995 - As of this year, "Grampa Ray" has... ... 6 grandsons who are Eagle Scouts ... 7 grandchildren who have graduated from college ... 5 grandchildren who are currently attending college ...10 grandchildren who have served LDS missions (4 granddaughters, 6 grandsons) ... 7 grandchildren who have married in the temple 1996 – 1997 – 1998 – 1999 - 2000’s -- The Twenty-first Century 1999 – 2000 – 2001 – 2002 – 2003 – 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008 – 2009 – Ray & Jane Petersen Family Reunion – Summer 2010 Here is a close up of half of that photo. ( The photos did not copy onto familysearch but they are in the original story in our computer.) We thank Dale & Connie Petersen for organizing this reunion. 2010’s 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 – 2019 – 2020’s 2020 - ………..and on and on Please e-mail Walt and Eileen the year you were born, and any other dates of Ray & Jane’s Posterity that are missing, we could get this updated for next year. Thanks. 2457 Burton Ave, Burley, ID 83318 208-670-7235 PHYLLIS PETERSEN BUNN Feb. 25, 1932-Aug. 3, 2014 WENDELL • Phyllis Gay Petersen Bunn passed away Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014, at the age of 82. She had fallen and broken her hip. She did not recover. She was born to Raymond and Jane Petersen in Wendell, Idaho, on Feb. 25, 1932. Phyllis was raised in Wendell and graduated from Wendell High School in 1950. Shortly after graduating, she married her husband of 64 years, Dale Bunn, at the Rose Garden in Portland, Ore. She had two of her four boys while traveling for the Air Force with Dale before moving back to Wendell, where she had two more sons and added twin girls in 1968. Phyllis was a proactive civic leader who loved her community and showcased it in a variety of ways. Her mission in serving the community was simply to have a nice, functional place where children and families could spend quality time. She wanted a swimming pool right here in Wendell and proved that if you have dreams and work with dedication, they will come to fruition. The result of her dream came with the creation of McGinnis Park swimming pool, baseball diamonds and tennis courts. She also had a love of nature, especially trees, and planted dozens of varieties in our parks and around the community. As a phenomenal fundraiser, she helped raise funds to install the only stoplight in town. Phyllis had a great passion for education and enrolled in college at the age of 51 to pursue her dream of becoming a certified teacher. She graduated from Boise State University in May 1987, magna cum laude and continued teaching for 10 years before retiring to travel abroad, go to concerts, plant trees and make baby quilts for her grandchildren and also the children of her nieces and nephews. As an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she served in practically every capacity during her 82 years of life and truly loved serving others. Phyllis was a much-beloved mother, grandmother, teacher and friend. She will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved her. She was preceded in death by her parents: Raymond Petersen, Jane Petersen and Laurence Hashman, step-father; as well as her sister, LaVon Bonnie (Charles) Degler; grandson, Tyler Allen Bunn; and son-in-law, Patrick Inglis. She leaves behind six children: Donald (Jeanine) Bunn, Matthew (Brenda) Bunn, Mitchell (Karen) Bunn, Max Clifford (Stephanie) Bunn, Brenda (Jerry) Tagestad and Beverly Inglis; two brothers, Dr. Walt (Eileen) Petersen and Dale (Connie) Petersen; as well as 20 grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren. The family invites you to celebrate her life Friday, Aug. 8, at the Wendell LDS Stake Center; family viewing begins at 10 a.m., with a service beginning at 11 a.m. There will be a public viewing from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7, at Demaray Funeral Service, Wendell Chapel Condolences, memories and photos may be shared with the family by following the obituary link at ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just found some photos Andrea sent to me in 2013 when I had e-mailed family members to try to get Ray and Jane’s Posterity updated. So I am adding some more pages. Could the rest of the family please help get their Posterity information updated. Thank you. We love each one of you. We are happy to be a part of the family of Ray and Jane Petersen. M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S 2 0 1 5 AND H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 2 0 1 6 Ray Petersen and Jane Prescott Petersen Posterity – 2015___________ ¬¬ Child #1 of Ray & Jane Petersen 1930 February 15 Jane LaVon “Bonnie” Petersen 1923 Maurice “Mutt” Smith Md. 18 May 1947 (Divorced 17Aug1956) Mutt died 15 Mar 2000 1948 Bonnie Ann Smith McCrorey and Tom McCrorey Janet McCrorey Miller & Ray Miller Danny Cloe Clover Dylan Drake Jade Clark McCrorey & Samantha Ivee Xavier Samantha Cody 1951 Larry Smith & Patti Smith Jed Ryan Jamie Leah 1952 Brent (died 25 Aug 2015) age 62 Married to Mona a short time No children 1953 Jeff No children Bonnie Petersen and 1935 Charles “Chuck” Frederick Degler Married 1957 – (divorced 1988 or 1989) Chuck died 4 Feb 1999 1957 Mark Charles Danielle, married No children 1959 Kevin Ray, married then divorced No children 1960 Christopher Clyde and Chris Zachery Lindsay 1966 Andrea Lyn, married RogerNeth, divorced No children Child #2 of Ray and Jane Petersen 1932 Phyllis Petersen Bunn – 1929 Dale Bunn 1953 Donald Bunn & 1952 Jeanine Gunderson Bunn 1976 Dale Aden Bunn & Laura Miller Dale (4 children) 1978 Chad Byrum – Alison 2011 Brooke Afton 2012 Hailey 1979 Donna Rae No children 1984 Rhonda Jane – Kurtis Hill 2___ Emmy 2009 Lydia 2___ Spencer Ray 2014 Rosetta Jeanine 1987 Jacob Matthew – 1992 Kylie Janea Lamm md. 31Mar2017 married at Wendell Stake Center by Bishop 1955 Matthew Allen Bunn and 1956 Brenda Lou Astel Bunn 1990 Tyler (deceased) 1991 Justin married 1993 Cody 1958 Mitchell Bunn and 1958 Karen Anderson Bunn 1981 Jason Bunn 1983 Rebecca Bunn Vipperman & 1981 Justin LeGrand Vipperman 2007 Audrey Mae 2010 David LeGrand 2017 Judy 1989 Elizabeth “Beth” Bunn Dascanio and Justin Dascanio 2013 Natalie 2016 1994 Luke Bunn Mission Guam Micronesia Oct2013–Oct2015 1966 Max Clifford Bunn and 1966 Stephanie Ann Rowe Md 1992 1989 Cal Bruce (from Stephanie's previous marriage) 1997 McKenzie 2011 Son 1968 Brenda Gay Bunn Tagestad & Jerry Tagestad 1989 Brittany Gay married Evan Secaur 11 Jun 2016 married at Balanced Rock Park 1996 Trent 1998 Clara Arden 1968 Beverly Mae Bunn Inglis & 1960 Pat Inglis (died 23Dec2013) 1989 Gabriel (from Pat's previous marriage) 1998 Austin James “A.J.” Inglis 1999 Jackson Dale Child # 3 of Ray and Jane Petersen Walter Ray Petersen and Eileen Marie Albertson Petersen 1934 Walter Ray Petersen Apr 17 Md 14Jun1961 Spouse: 1938 Eileen Marie Albertson Petersen 15Dec Grandchildren (Children of Eileen and Walt) 1963 “Janie” Mary Jane Petersen Fisher 24Jun Spouse: Shawn Rulon Fisher 7Nov1960 Md 8Oct1986 1965 Gary Alan Petersen 24Apr Spouse: Kathy Anderson Petersen 12Sep1970 Md 17May1996 div 2017 1966 Steven Ray Petersen 12Dec (12-12-12) Spouse: Natalie Smith Petersen 24Oct1970 Md 30Nov1996 1969 David Byrum Petersen 12Oct Spouse: Julie Black Petersen 15Sep1972 Md 27Jun1994 1971 Julie Beth Petersen Peterson 17Feb Spouse: John Brent Peterson 24Apr1974 Md 6Nov1999 1973 Brian Walter Petersen 24Mar Spouse: Michelle Swan Petersen 9Aug1975 Md 17Jul1998 div 2016Sep23 Spouse: Jennifer Doak b1970 married 7Apr2017 Nashville, Tennessee 1974 Jennifer Eileen Petersen Brewer Spouse: Jerry Dewayne Brewer 25Apr1974 Md 18Dec 1999 Great grandchildren (Grandchildren of Eileen & Walt) 1988 (1) Aimee Lorene Fisher Feb 20 Spouse: Michael Stephen Mecham 12Aug1988 Md 25Jun2011 1990 (2) Daniel Ray Fisher Sep 22 Spouse Kelly Lynn Baker 23Jun1994 Md 27Dec2013 1991 (3) Kelsey Ellen Williams Petersen Summers Sep 21 Spouse: Joshua Wayne Summers 5Sep1991 Md 31Jul2014 1993 (4) Cortney Marie Williams Petersen Dec 14 1994 (5) Katie Eileen Fisher Feb 3 Spouse: Parker Thomas Anderson 31Jan1992 Md 1Nov2014 1996 (6) Mikayla Camille Peterson Shanafelt Jan 31 (John's first marriage) 1996 (7) Heidi Christine Fisher Dec 4 1997 (8) McKell Rae Petersen Feb 19 1997 (9) Joshua David Petersen Dec 30 1998 1999 (10) Samuel Lloyd Fisher Jan 20 1999 (11) Kimble Ray Petersen Apr 24 2000 (12) Abbey Jean Petersen Jan 10 2000 (13) Emma Victoria Petersen Feb 5 2000 (14) Ashley Jane Fisher Nov 21 2000 (15) Anna Sally Petersen Dec 7 2001 (16) Steven Carter Petersen Feb 16 2002 (17) Seth Dewayne Brewer Jun 17 2002 (18) Sarah Eileen Brewer Jun 17 2002 (19) Jacob Thad Petersen Oct 16 2002 (20) Jacee Beth Peterson Dec 22 2003 (21) Taylor Eileen Feb 25 2003 (22) Michael Shawn Fisher May 16 2004 (23) Jackson John Peterson Sep 9 2005 (24) Jerry Benjamin Brewer Feb 21 2005 (25) Avery Michelle Petersen Aug 3 2005 (26) Isaac Walter Petersen Nov 19 2006 (27) Samuel Black Petersen Feb 26 2007 (28) Maddie Marie Peterson May 21 2007 (29) Joshua Steven Ray Brewer Jul 31 2008 (30) William Joseph Petersen Oct 26 2009 (31) Elizabeth Jane Brewer Nov 2 2009 (32) Elizabeth Brinn Petersen Nov 7 2010 2012 (33) Adam Walter Brewer Nov 9 2014 (34) Rigdon Jay Peterson Sep 4 2014 (35 Anna Sue Brewer Oct 1 (Walt and Eileen have 16 g-sons, 19 g-daus.) Great-Great Grandchildren- (Great g-c Walt&Eileen) 2016 (1) Taitum Eileen Anderson (Katie&Parker) 28Jan2016 Child #4 of Ray and Jane Petersen 1939 Dale Clifford Petersen & 1945 Victoria Saari Petersen (died 12 Aug 2000) Spouse 2 - 1945Sep25 Connie Phillips md 13Sep2002 Logan, Ut Sealed Feb 1967 Ruth Annette Petersen Cole & 1967 Clifford Cole 1996 Charity Raye md 2017 1997 Bridger Dale “Ridge” 2000 Cienna Rie 2002 Cheyenne Victoria 1968 Clifford Dale Petersen – Not married 1970 Heather Lynn and 1970 Nathan Edward Lee 1998 Jacob 2002 Trevon Dayne 2005 McKenna Victoria 2008 Rachel Annette 1973 Ray Albert, married then divorced No children 1978 Trisha Dawn and Jacob Gourley 2005 Zach (Jacob’s son by a previous marriage) 2010 Victoria 2013 Benjamin “Benny” 1982 Nathan Petersen & Christi 2007 Joshua Hinckley 2010 James Dale 2013 Evelyn Victoria Dale Petersen married 1945 Connie Phillips 13 Sep 2002 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ For 2015 we count… Ray and Jane Petersen’s Posterity Children – 4 Grandchildren – 27 Great-Grandchildren – 77 Great-Great-Grandchildren – 22 with 1 due in 2016 (The gg-gc may be off by a few.) If anyone gets a different count, please let us know. Walt and Eileen Petersen – 7:00 p.m., December 23, 2015 Phones: 208—670-7235 or Walt’s cell 208-670-1765 2457 Burton Avenue, Burley, ID 83318 I wish we could add photos to this for Life Stories. The photos referred are in the copies that were given to our children and grandchildren for 2015. Three photos we just found from 1 9 5 7 . . . 1957 – Ray age 50; Jane age 47. Bonnie, age 27; Phyllis, age 25. Ray & Jane’s two daughters and two sons -- more current photos. Photo below: Phyllis Petersen Bunn, Bonnie Petersen Degler, and a daughter-in-law Vicki Saari Petersen -- Oct 1986 at Janie & Shawn Fisher’s wedding reception in Burley, Idaho. [They have each passed away; we miss them!] Walt & Eileen Petersen – June 2011 Dale & Connie Petersen – Sep 2011

Life timeline of Clifford Andrew Petersen

Clifford Andrew Petersen was born on 9 Dec 1905
Clifford Andrew Petersen died on 5 Nov 1917 at the age of 11
Grave record for Clifford Andrew Petersen (9 Dec 1905 - 5 Nov 1917), BillionGraves Record 5182763 Snowville, Box Elder, Utah, United States