Clive D Grundy

19 Sep 1949 - 23 May 1998

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Clive D Grundy

19 Sep 1949 - 23 May 1998
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A Tribute given by his sister-in-law Garaldean Grundy Catherine, Ron, Katie, Kenra, Cassy, Mom and Dad, Wayne, Jeraldine, Doug, Steve, Lynette, Scott, Melanie, other family members and friends. This is a very humbling experience. It’s an honor to be able to pay tribute to a very special person suc
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Life Information

Clive D Grundy

Casado(a): 28 Jun 1969

Loa Cemetery

Unnamed Rd
Loa, Wayne, Utah
United States

Headstone Description

Our children: Ron - Kenra - Cassy headstone includes a photo


May 19, 2013


May 16, 2013

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Grave Site of Clive D


Clive D Grundy is buried in the Loa Cemetery at the location displayed on the map below. This GPS information is ONLY available at BillionGraves. Our technology can help you find the gravesite and other family members buried nearby.

Nome do Cemitério

Loa Cemetery

Endereço de cemitérios
Unnamed Rd
United States
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In Loving Memory of Clive D. Grundy

Colaborador: motcmom Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

A Tribute given by his sister-in-law Garaldean Grundy Catherine, Ron, Katie, Kenra, Cassy, Mom and Dad, Wayne, Jeraldine, Doug, Steve, Lynette, Scott, Melanie, other family members and friends. This is a very humbling experience. It’s an honor to be able to pay tribute to a very special person such as Clive. Clive D. Grundy was born on September 19th, 1949. He was welcomed into the family by an older brother, Wayne. A few years later they both welcomed in Doug, then Steven and last but not least, Scott. Five boys. Mom and Dad Grundy did a great job at raising such fine men. As a small child Clive was always busy making something. One day Clive and Doug wanted to go play down in the pastures. Mom let them go. Well they found two baby skunks, after getting rid of the mother, they put the two babies in a coffee can and came home. Mom was busy and told them to get out and go find their Dad. He was over working on the bank. All of the men working at the bank could smell a skunk, a long time before the boys showed up. Wade made them get rid of the baby skunks and go home and get cleaned up. Wade’s mother lived down to Teasdale. Wayne, Clive and Doug stayed with their Grandma Grundy down there. She made them get ready for bed and be in a large double bed before the sun went down, so she could turn on the radio and listen to her programs. This was before they ever had any T.V. All three of them slept in the same bed, Wayne next to the wall, Doug in the middle, and Clive on the other side. Wayne had a bobby pin fixed so he could flip it and it would make Doug and Clive squeal. Grandma Grundy would tell them to shut up and be quiet. Well this went on for several minutes till she came up turned Wayne to the wall, Doug looking straight up, and Clive facing the other wall. Well on Wayne’s side there was an electrical socket in the wall just where he could reach it. Well you can guess what happened next. Your right! He stuck that bobby pin in the socket, knocking them out of bed and it also knocked out the power to the house. When Clive was in high school his mother came home one day from school and he was sitting at her sewing machine. She said, “What in the world are you doing?” He said, “my car needs seat covers so I’m making some.” When Steven and Scott were small Mom went to work up to the café for her folks and left Wayne, Clive and Doug to tend Steven and Scott. Well Scott messed his pants, and Wayne and Doug didn’t want to have anything to do with him. They just wanted to get rid of him, but good ole Clive saved his life and cleaned him up. Clive worked for the Brown Brothers off and on for four or five years. He got the nickname “Patience,” Clive would get after the guys so they nicknamed him that because they said he didn’t have any. Clive graduated from Wayne High School in 1967. He dated Catherine in her senior year and they married on the 28th of June 1969. He was working for Brown Brothers at the time. They then moved to Blanding where he worked for the State Road Maintenance engineering office, where he got to go out in the field and learn how to survey. They then moved to Hanksville where they lived for six and a half years. Clive was the manager of the Hanksville Texaco during that time. After that he worked for Butch Bullard in the uranium mines. They moved back to Loa in 1979 where they still live. Clive has always worked hard. He had a talent that know one else has. He could make and do anything. When it came to fixing anything from mechanic work, welding, or “honey-do” jobs, he could do it. Clive was a frugal man. He was proud to make something out of what most people would call junk, than to go and buy it brand new. One prime example was the jeep that he drove around. He made that jeep from a pile of “tired” iron. It was a frame with little else. He got a motor and put it in, fixed the transmission driveline, and whatever else he needed to do to make it run. Once he started a project like that he hated to quit until the job was done. When he got to the part of getting it inspected he could hardly wait. He had our son Alan come over and help wire up the windshield wipers and signal lights, they really had a good time working together. One experience out to the local Kmart involved a car out there with only one good tire. Doug and Clive took off the lug nuts but they didn’t have a jack. So Doug backed up the car and told Clive on the count of three to pull the tire out. 1, 2, 3, pull. The tire hit Doug on the back of his legs, buckling them, down went the car. Clive’s kneeling between Doug’s legs with his hands stuck, and Doug’s standing with his hands stuck, laughing a hard as can be. Clive telling Doug “lift up, we can’t have anyone seeing us this way. Lift!” Clive also made an old school bus into a motor home. With Ron’s help they put all the modern conveniences in and there was a great place to stay camping. One time a couple of years ago Clive and Doug got in it and came around and picked up whoever wanted to go for a ride. We have had lots of fun camping and riding around in the bus. When they lived in Hanksville, Catherine was a Counselor in the Relief Society. In a small ward like Hanksville it takes up lots of time. Clive would tend Ron while Catherine did her job. Clive had a little carburetor that Ron could take apart and put back together. Ron was only three years old then. Ron is like his father in that he has a talent like him. He can fix and make anything that he puts his mind to. Another example of Clive taking something out of nothing and making it useful was his shop. He along with the help of his father and Doug moved an old wooden building from the east side of Loa to his home and made it into a shop. Clive loved a challenge, he was more excited to build something from nothing than to buy it brand new. Twenty-nine years of marriage Clive and Catherine never bought a lawn mower. Clive went to the local Kmart bought the parts he needed and put it together and they would run like a charm. Clive loved to camp, fish and hunt. One time when they were living down to Hanksville, the family went camping out on the Henry’s to Dandelion Flat. Only this time they were in a tent. It got dark and they got ready for bed. Kenra was only a couple of years old and wasn’t ready to settle down. Clive finally told her that if she didn’t go to sleep the bears would come and get her. She walked over to the opening stuck her head out the door and said, “Smack, smack come on bears.” She wasn’t very worried about the bears was she? The first time Clive when hunting with Doug and the wild bunch from over to Richfield was quite an experience. Doug was introducing Clive when he came to Kent Sydall. Kent told him he wasn’t going to tell him his name because Clive would just laugh at it. Clive said nothing so Kent said my name is “Seth Headgate.” Clive accepted that and walked over to this Elmo Ishmeel and that’s what he said. Clive looked at him, shook his head and said, “No way.” They were pulling his leg. Kent did, but Elmo didn’t. Clive really enjoyed working at Picks mine. Once when he was mining he had Ron and Race Ellett with him. Clive took them into the mine with him. Race and Ron went running and playing along. Ron said he knew exactly where they were going until Clive turned off his mining light. Needless to say they stopped dead in their tracks. They couldn’t see a thing not even their hands in front of their faces. One weekend Clive, Catherine and Ron came up from Hanksville. They wanted to go fishing, so Doug and I went with them to Morrell Pond on Thousand Lake. After we got there we couldn’t catch a thing. Then it clouded up and started to rain. The men built a small fire and we started to catch fish. We had tin foil, salt and pepper, and butter with us. As soon as we caught the fish we would clean them, wrap them up in the foil and toss them into the fire. Boy what a great fish fry. Doug says we were eating them while they were still flopping, but we weren’t. Doug and I went and stayed with Clive and Catherine when they lived in Hanksville. One weekend the guys went to Hite fishing. Catherine and I finally went to bed. When they got home we were sound asleep. Doug crawled into bed and gave me a big kiss and I said, “Doug where’s Clive?” I’ve never been able to live that one down. When they lived in Hanksville in the fall when it started to get cold, Clive and Catherine had a lot of company move in on them. It wasn’t the two legged kind, it was the four legged kind with little beady eyes and gray fur, and squeaked. One night they went to bed and could hear scratching and squeaking. Clive got out his BB gun and told Catherine to open up the drawer, so she did. He aimed, fired, and the BB gun hit the drawer ricocheted and landed between Catherine’s toes. Another time Doug and I went down and stayed with them, Cody was about two months old. He was sleeping in the small bassinet. We played games like Clue, Sorry, and Monopoly until 2 a.m. I got up to check on Cody and stepped on a small gray mushy mouse, bare footed. I let out a scream, Clive got the broom and tied to get the mouse but all he did was break the broom into. I guess he knocked the mouse out, but not until after the broom handle was broken in two. After Doug and I were married, if we didn’t go to Hanksville for the weekend, Clive and Catherine came up. We have had a lot of good times. We went down to see what Ron and Kenra got for Christmas. Kenra was only two years old. She got really wound up around bedtime. We were all just sitting around when Kenra stood up to grab the hanging lamp on a chain. Clive pointed his finger at her and said, “don’t you dare.” In slow motion she just barely missed the lamp and landed on the floor. Doug and Wayne got this job up in Fairview in 1985 putting in a water system. Clive went to work for them and made every hook-up in town and had only one leak. Scott and Ron went up with them too. Clive got tired of listening to those two talk to each other in their sleep one night so he got a blanket and went out to the haystack. When he woke up the next morning and jumped off the haystack with the blanket around him he looked like the Foghorn chicken from Bugs Bunny. The first time any of us went to California we followed Bill and his family out. We loaded up at 10 p.m. and headed out. We put the camper shell on our pickup. There were Clive, Catherine, Ron, Kenra, Cassy, Doug and I, and Cody and Alan. What a long ride. We left at night knowing the kids would sleep. We all stayed with Farl Jr. and his family. We thought California was supposed to be hot. No chance. We nearly froze to death and it was June. We went to San Francisco and got lost in the hippy area. There we were, three cars driving in the ghetto part of San Francisco. We finally made it to Fisherman’s Warf. When we got ready to come home Clive looked at Catherine and asked her if she had everything. She said yes, “Why?” He said not to leave anything cause he wasn’t coming back to get it. Several years later Farl brought out his four boys and Clive took them camping up on Thousand Lake. It rained and the road was muddy and slick. They slid down a steep hill in a pickup with a boat and Farl in his Ford Bronco. Cooked chicken in the tent. City boys ate in the Bronco. Night came, Clive, Ron and Farl slept in tent. The prune picker cousins slept in the Bronco. Clive loved his family. He worked hard and when he would go to sleep you could set a bomb off and it wouldn’t wake him. One night Cassy and Lashay were really brave. They painted his fingernails bright red and put make-up on him. Clive was really proud of his two grandchildren. Mother’s Day weekend Ron and Katie were home. Ron and Clive had the Blazer out by the shop checking things out and then Clive drove the Blazer back around the house and parked it in the driveway. Catherine then got in the Blazer and went over to Kenra’s house for a minute. When she was ready to go home Kelsey wanted to go with Grandma. When they got in the outfit, Kelsey sniffed and sniffed and said, “What’s that smell, P. U.?” Clive had been smoking in the Blazer. Kelsey was pretty disgusted when they got to Grandma’s house she went looking for Grandpa. She found him in the shop and was really talking to him – he couldn’t understand what she was saying so here they came into the house. When they came through the door Clive asked what she was saying. It was pretty plain to everyone else. She said, “Grandpa, I tell you and I tell you, don’t smoke in Grandma’s Blazer.” She then blocked the door and told him, “He had just better stay put and think about it for a minute.” Every night when Clive would get home from work, Kelsey would grab a bag of chips and go watch T.V. with her Grandpa. When Kenra had Stetson, Clive could hardly wait for them to come home form the hospital so he could show him off. Clive has worked for Loa Town as Maintenance Foreman for four years. When he got the job he came over and was telling us about his duties. He said, “I even have 200 people under me.” Meaning the cemetery. Clive did a great job for the town. I don’t know how they will ever replace him. Clive, we love you and will miss you. I know that we will see Clive again. I’m so thankful for the gospel. Our Heavenly Father loves us and if we will just ask for his help he will bless us with the comforting spirit of the Holy Ghost. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Life timeline of Clive D Grundy

Clive D Grundy was born on 19 Sep 1949
Clive D Grundy was 4 years old when Jonas Salk announced the successful test of his polio vaccine on a small group of adults and children (vaccination pictured). Jonas Edward Salk was an American medical researcher and virologist. He discovered and developed one of the first successful polio vaccines. Born in New York City, he attended New York University School of Medicine, later choosing to do medical research instead of becoming a practicing physician. In 1939, after earning his medical degree, Salk began an internship as a physician scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital. Two years later he was granted a fellowship at the University of Michigan, where he would study flu viruses with his mentor Thomas Francis, Jr.
Clive D Grundy was 20 years old when During the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon. Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two people on the Moon. Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC. Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface six hours after landing on July 21 at 02:56:15 UTC; Aldrin joined him about 20 minutes later. They spent about two and a quarter hours together outside the spacecraft, and collected 47.5 pounds (21.5 kg) of lunar material to bring back to Earth. Michael Collins piloted the command module Columbia alone in lunar orbit while they were on the Moon's surface. Armstrong and Aldrin spent 21.5 hours on the lunar surface before rejoining Columbia in lunar orbit.
Clive D Grundy was 29 years old when Jim Jones led more than 900 members of the Peoples Temple to mass murder/suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, hours after some of its members assassinated U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan (pictured). James Warren Jones was an American religious cult leader who initiated and was responsible for a mass suicide and mass murder in Jonestown, Guyana. He considered Jesus Christ as being in compliance with an overarching belief in socialism as the correct social order. Jones was ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor, and he achieved notoriety as the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple cult.
Clive D Grundy was 31 years old when Mount St. Helens erupts in Washington, United States, killing 57 people and causing $3 billion in damage. Mount St. Helens or Louwala-Clough is an active stratovolcano located in Skamania County, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Portland, Oregon and 96 miles (154 km) south of Seattle, Washington. Mount St. Helens takes its English name from the British diplomat Lord St Helens, a friend of explorer George Vancouver who made a survey of the area in the late 18th century. The volcano is located in the Cascade Range and is part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, a segment of the Pacific Ring of Fire that includes over 160 active volcanoes. This volcano is well known for its ash explosions and pyroclastic flows.
Clive D Grundy died on 23 May 1998 at the age of 48
Grave record for Clive D Grundy (19 Sep 1949 - 23 May 1998), BillionGraves Record 3928955 Loa, Wayne, Utah, United States