Thaine Taylor

19 Jan 1908 - 21 Dec 2007

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Thaine Taylor

19 Jan 1908 - 21 Dec 2007
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Grave site information of Thaine Taylor (19 Jan 1908 - 21 Dec 2007) at Loa Cemetery in Loa, Wayne, Utah, United States from BillionGraves
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Life Information

Thaine Taylor

Casado(a): 1 Dec 1927

Loa Cemetery

Unnamed Rd
Loa, Wayne, Utah
United States

Headstone Description

Taylor Our Daughters Marsha Lynn - Rhenon


May 3, 2013


May 3, 2013

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Grave Site of Thaine


Thaine Taylor is buried in the Loa Cemetery at the location displayed on the map below. This GPS information is ONLY available at BillionGraves. Our technology can help you find the gravesite and other family members buried nearby.

Nome do Cemitério

Loa Cemetery

Endereço de cemitérios
Unnamed Rd
United States
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Autobiography Pt 9

Colaborador: toooldtohunt Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

Balance of children and Levi's mission. It was a lovely day Aug. 18 1897 when Arletta May was born, just two days before Dalton Okerlund. She was a very plesant child when she was 4 years 1 month 1 day old she died with typhoid pneumonia. Oh how hard it was to give up our little darling, that was our first trial in our family, but the Lord's will be done. Loa Arintha was born one morning May 9, 1899, while her father was herding sheep on Parker Mountain. We sent a runner after him but Loa was 10 hours old before he arrived. She was our first red head, it was very pretty, mother thought it looked like spun gold, but other people said, "It's a red head," which wasn't very complimentary in those days. Feb 21, 1901, Leonard was born, from then every one and half years, I had a boy until I had five. Owen Elton Taylor, born 21 Nov. 1902 at Loa. Rulon Wayne Taylor, born 9 Jan, 1905 at Loa Allen Merlin Taylor born 6 March 1906 at Loa Thaine Taylor born 19 Jan. 1908 at Loa When Thaine was 9 months old dad left for his mission to California. That left me with ten children to care for, a 40 acre field to look after, and raise money to keep him on his mission. None of the boys were big enough to do much except Alford, who was 14. Many mornings I have come from feeding cattle with my clothes frozen to my knees. Then to get the money for dad was another worry. well he had the mission. I had the work, and felt that to care for ten children and everything else it was a hard mission for me. But, we were blessed and dad filled his mission and sent for me to come down. I went and had a lovely time with missionaries and friends. I met dad in Sacremento and we went to San Francisco by boat, sure a treat, we went on deck and ate lunch there with about 8 or ten in the company. When we arrived there we went to Mission Headquarters Also to Almeda to visit some Saints and Elders. We attended the Conference and had a wonderful Spiritual Feast. After which we returned home and found all well and happy until bedtime. I got my baby, Thaine then 2 years old ready for bed. He had always slept with me as dad left him when he was just crawling on the floor so he and I went to bed. In a short time dad came in and got in bed, and did that child get out. Over me he went and up stairs to his brothers he went, he said, "a man," and would never sleep with his dad and me. Stanford was born Flag Day June 14, 1911 and was named for the Stanford University of California where his dad had filled a mission, he should have been an educator. In two years, Aug. 24, 1913, Nola was born. It had been 14 years since we had had a girl, as Loa was 14 years old and still the baby girl. The boys were very pleased with that new sister, and in 1 1/2 years Norma came in on the scene. They were surely like twins and did enjoy them selves together as they grew older. All went well until Quentin came. I suffered so before he got here. I could walk only with the help of a stick or by clinging to the chairs or table. I had never been so helpless before, but then 14 children sorta takes the starch o out of one. When he was born he was such a sweet fat baby I felt well paid as all mothers do.

Life timeline of Thaine Taylor

Thaine Taylor was born on 19 Jan 1908
Thaine Taylor was 4 years old when The British passenger liner RMS Titanic sinks in the North Atlantic at 2:20 a.m., two hours and forty minutes after hitting an iceberg. Only 710 of 2,227 passengers and crew on board survive. RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early hours of 15 April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. There were an estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, and more than 1,500 died, making it one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat at the time it entered service and was the second of three Olympic-class ocean liners operated by the White Star Line. It was built by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. Thomas Andrews, her architect, died in the disaster.
Thaine Taylor was 20 years old when Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse premieres in his first cartoon, "Plane Crazy". Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons. As a film producer, Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by an individual, having won 22 Oscars from 59 nominations. He was presented with two Golden Globe Special Achievement Awards and an Emmy Award, among other honors. Several of his films are included in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.
Thaine Taylor was 32 years old when World War II: Nazi Germany and Slovakia invade Poland, beginning the European phase of World War II. World War II, also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier. The vast majority of the world's countries—including all of the great powers—eventually formed two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. It was the most global war in history; it directly involved more than 100 million people from over 30 countries. In a state of total war, the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, blurring the distinction between civilian and military resources. World War II was the deadliest conflict in human history, marked by 50 to 85 million fatalities, most of whom were civilians in the Soviet Union and China. It included massacres, the genocide of the Holocaust, strategic bombing, premeditated death from starvation and disease and the only use of nuclear weapons in war.
Thaine Taylor was 37 years old when World War II: German forces in the west agree to an unconditional surrender. The German Instrument of Surrender ended World War II in Europe. The definitive text was signed in Karlshorst, Berlin, on the night of 8 May 1945 by representatives of the three armed services of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) and the Allied Expeditionary Force together with the Supreme High Command of the Red Army, with further French and US representatives signing as witnesses. The signing took place 9 May 1945 at 00:16 local time.
Thaine Taylor was 50 years old when Space Race: Launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. The Space Race refers to the 20th-century competition between two Cold War rivals, the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States (US), for dominance in spaceflight capability. It had its origins in the missile-based nuclear arms race between the two nations that occurred following World War II, aided by captured German missile technology and personnel from the Aggregat program. The technological superiority required for such dominance was seen as necessary for national security, and symbolic of ideological superiority. The Space Race spawned pioneering efforts to launch artificial satellites, uncrewed space probes of the Moon, Venus, and Mars, and human spaceflight in low Earth orbit and to the Moon.
Thaine Taylor was 56 years old when The Beatles make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing before a "record-busting" audience of 73 million viewers across the USA. The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. With members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they became widely regarded as the foremost and most influential music band in history. Rooted in skiffle, beat and 1950s rock and roll, the Beatles later experimented with several musical styles, ranging from pop ballads and Indian music to psychedelia and hard rock, often incorporating classical elements and unconventional recording techniques in innovative ways. In 1963, their enormous popularity first emerged as "Beatlemania"; as the group's music grew in sophistication, led by primary songwriters Lennon and McCartney, the band were integral to pop music's evolution into an art form and to the development of the counterculture of the 1960s.
Thaine Taylor was 65 years old when Vietnam War: The last United States combat soldiers leave South Vietnam. The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War, and in Vietnam as the Resistance War Against America or simply the American War, was a conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. It was the second of the Indochina Wars and was officially fought between North Vietnam and the government of South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese army was supported by the Soviet Union, China, and other communist allies; the South Vietnamese army was supported by the United States, South Korea, Australia, Thailand and other anti-communist allies. The war is considered a Cold War-era proxy war by some US perspectives. The majority of Americans believe the war was unjustified. The war would last roughly 19 years and would also form the Laotian Civil War as well as the Cambodian Civil War, which also saw all three countries become communist states in 1975.
Thaine Taylor was 78 years old when Space Shuttle program: STS-51-L mission: Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrates after liftoff, killing all seven astronauts on board. The Space Shuttle program was the fourth human spaceflight program carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which accomplished routine transportation for Earth-to-orbit crew and cargo from 1981 to 2011. Its official name, Space Transportation System (STS), was taken from a 1969 plan for a system of reusable spacecraft of which it was the only item funded for development.
Thaine Taylor was 82 years old when Nelson Mandela is released from Victor Verster Prison outside Cape Town, South Africa after 27 years as a political prisoner. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the country's first black head of state and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. His government focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid by tackling institutionalised racism and fostering racial reconciliation. Ideologically an African nationalist and socialist, he served as President of the African National Congress (ANC) party from 1991 to 1997.
Thaine Taylor died on 21 Dec 2007 at the age of 99
Grave record for Thaine Taylor (19 Jan 1908 - 21 Dec 2007), BillionGraves Record 3766177 Loa, Wayne, Utah, United States